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How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain?

Although ventricular size increases with each binge EtOH exposure, there is rapid recovery during each week of abstinence (Zahr et al. 2015). Such studies suggest that EtOH alone, at least in the exposure protocols evaluated with MRI, does not result in the characteristics observed in human alcoholics. Conversely, rats exposed to vaporized EtOH during adolescence are… Tovább »How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain?

Alcohol statistics 2024

19 countries don’t have any minimum legal drinking age, while alcohol is banned in 16 countries, most of which are Muslim countries. This and several of the following alcohol use statistics are from a comprehensive survey carried out in 2015 called the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). It shows that a large number… Tovább »Alcohol statistics 2024

6 Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Content The Difference Between Sober Living and Halfway Houses Sober Living Houses vs. Rehab Centers and Halfway Houses Level III: Supervised Renewal Center for Ongoing Recovery How do I Choose the Right Sober Living Home? For some individuals, the limited structure offered by freestanding SLHs could invite association with substance using friends and family and thus… Tovább »6 Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Alcoholism Medications and How They Work

Content How long will I take naltrexone? Medications for Unhealthy Alcohol Use Medications for Alcohol Use Disorder What should I tell my healthcare provider before receiving VIVITROL? Additional therapies include 12-Step facilitation approaches that assist those with drinking problems in using self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Once people begin drinking excessively, the problem can… Tovább »Alcoholism Medications and How They Work